LDV Metal is an international trading and production company created in 2000 with two core businesses : non-ferrous scrap and ferrous scrap as well as being producer of recycled aluminium for foundries and steel industries. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals and a strong knowledge of the products, LDV Metal is able to propose flexible and tailor made solutions to its clients and suppliers, thus ensuring the quality of the goods being offered. Our target is to propose to our counterparties the solutions they require for their needs with secured transport arrangement for each deal. By converting scraps and waste into reusable materials we form an important part in the recycling process. The recycling of raw materials in an economically and ecologically sensible way, constantly poses new challenges to us. Regarding the recycling of your waste materials we are always at your disposal as an efficient and reliable partner The main emphasis of our broad international business activities is on dealing with raw materials used in the production of steel: scrap metals, metals and alloys. Our broad range of activities is complemented by offering a range of services.

As a result of our competence and our commitment we offer you worldwide business relationships as well as services and production at the heart of Europe.

ยท Our mission is to help our customers succeed. We do this by forming long-term relationships built on flexibility, the right quality, high delivery performance and availability on products and technical support.

LDV Metal has developed a substantial network of dedicated partners over the past 14 years thus allowing us to fulfill our target of serving better our clients and suppliers. Our network covers lots of areas of the World and more specifically the European Union, Russian, China, North Africa, Asia, The Balkans and Arabic Countries.